108 ENGINEERING & SERVICE CO.,LTD ซ่อม สร้าง จัดหาชิ้นส่วนทดแทนที่ได้มาตรฐาน ในราคายุติธรรม

108 Engineering and Service Company Limited prides itself on providing responsive service, repairs, parts, and troubleshooting wherever you are located. We understand the importance of extending the useful life of heat treating equipment


Whether you are using 108 Engineering and Service Furnaces designed equipment or other thermal processing equipment, 108 Engineering and Service specializes in providing standard and custom designed replacement parts.

Our Services

Maintenance / Service.

Machine design.

Machine building.

Steel structure.

Exhaust & Fresh air Duct.

Air conditioning system.

Piping works.

Electrical works.

Spare parts supply.

Machine parts.

The Machines are in Our service

- Mesh belt Hardening furnace.

- Mesh belt Quenching furnace.

- Mesh belt Tempering furnace.

- Carburizing furnace. (Rotary type)

- Carburizing furnace. (Batch type)

- Solution furnace. (Conveyor type)

- Aging furnace.

- Austemper furnace.

- Vacuum furnace.

- Die hard oven.

- Hyen gas generator.

- Salt tank cleaning.

- Oil tank cleaning.

- Washing / Cleaning tank.

- Parts supply.

- Other

Cleaner unit. (Washing tank)

Mesh belt conveyor.? / Cleaning. / Condition check.

Bearing. / Condition check. / New grease fill.

Water Spray. / Cleaning. / Condition check.

Water pump. / Condition check. / Electrical current measurement.

Water strainer. / Cleaning. / Condition check.

Washing heater. / Condition check. / Electrical current measurement.

Washing tank. / Cleaning. / Condition check.

Thermo couple. / Change new.

Rotation proximity. / Condition check.

If you have any question please contact:

Technical consultant : Mr.Niyom Mobile phone:092 963 5325


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Phone: 092 963 5325, 090 242 6535

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